Busan Bank announces regional "stable currency" development schedule

At the "Blockchain Seoul 2019" conference held in Seoul, South Korea today, a senior executive of BNK Busan Bank in South Korea revealed the digital voucher based on blockchain technology that the bank and the Busan municipal government are promoting (similar to a stable The currency, one piece equals 1 won, is also a prepaid electronic payment method. The details are as follows: In the second half of 1.2019, a digital voucher infrastructure based on blockchain and related DAPP will be constructed (tentatively known as “Busan Citizen”). Can support payment and transfer functions), and design a digital voucher use loop mechanism (use – reward – reuse); 2.2020 to 2021 will expand the use of the digital certificate; 3.2022 will be diversified to the center Services such as shared economic facilities, new P2P-based services, etc.