Getting Started | What is an aggregate transaction? What are the operating principles and advantages?

Recently, the concept of aggregate transactions has been repeatedly mentioned, how is aggregated trading realized? Where is its advantage?



Principle of realization of aggregate transactions

The aggregation trading platform is not a native platform, but uses API technology to integrate transaction data of other digital currency platforms, thus forming a platform that can provide users with stronger transaction depth.

Basically, the transaction data of the three platforms of coin security, fire currency and OKEx are integrated to provide users with a better trading experience. From the user's point of view, whether it is recharge, coin, buy or sell, it is basically no different from the original platform.

So, what is the implementation principle of the aggregate trading platform? The following is an example.

For example, an aggregation platform A integrates transaction data from three major platforms.

First, A will open accounts on each of the three platforms. When the user uses A to place an order, they will place orders on the three platforms. After the transaction is successful, A will feedback the transaction information to the user and update the user's account in A accordingly. Asset data.

The whole process is as follows (where the villain on the left represents the user and the golden cottage on the right represents the native platform):


Advantages of aggregate trading

What are the advantages of the aggregate trading platform compared to the native platform?

1. Stronger trading depth

Since the aggregation platform integrates transaction data from other platforms, its transaction depth is stronger. For example, A integrates three major platform transaction data, then A's transaction depth is stronger than the three platforms.

2, better transaction price

Because the aggregation platform integrates transaction data of other platforms, users can trade on the aggregation trading platform, and they can obtain better transaction prices whether they are buying or selling.

For example, A integrates transaction data from three trading platforms, and users can trade at the lowest price among the three platforms when making a buy transaction. Similarly, users can follow these three platforms when making a sell transaction. The highest price in the transaction.

Since there is often a difference between the various platforms, the aggregation platform can directly carry out brick arbitrage. Before the bricks between different trading platforms become bricks in the platform of the aggregation platform, it is more convenient to move bricks.

3. More transaction pairs

In general, the aggregation platform can provide more transaction pairs to users because it integrates transaction data from other platforms.

For example, because A integrates the transaction data of the three platforms, in theory, the number of transactions that the A platform can provide to users is greater than the number of pairs of transactions on the three trading platforms. Moreover, it is very convenient to complete the platform currency transactions of the three platforms on the A platform.

4. Cheaper transaction fees

As mentioned in the above implementation principle of the aggregation platform, the user places an order on the aggregation platform, essentially the aggregation platform uses the account registered by the native transaction platform to place an order on the original transaction platform.

Because the aggregation platform aggregates all users' transactions, it has a larger transaction volume on the native platform. It can become a VIP user on the native platform, and can get more commission discounts when trading. Therefore, the user is on the aggregation platform. Trading can result in cheaper transaction fees.

The above describes the implementation principles and advantages of the aggregation transaction. Have you used the aggregation trading platform? What is the experience? Feel free to share your opinion in the message area.

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