Opinion: French insurance funds are conservatively expected to have 1 billion euros flowing into the currency market

On April 17th, the Institute of Currency Security issued a view that the French Parliament voted through the Pacte bill last week, indirectly allowing French insurance funds to invest in encrypted digital currency. According to OECD statistics, the scale of French life insurance and comprehensive insurance assets management reached 2.3 trillion euros in 2017, of which “collective investment (CIS)” and “Others” accounted for 21.4%, the earliest insurance investment in cryptocurrency. It is possible to appear in these two categories (private fund or open market ETF). The Coin Research Institute assumes that 1% (conservative), 5% (neutral), and 10% (optimistic) assets in the “other assets” may be allocated to the digital currency in the future, and one billion, 49 can be expected respectively. Billion, 9.7 billion euros of inflow space.