Guangdong online blockchain financial electronic bill

According to the Nanfang Daily News, on October 15, Guangdong Province officially launched blockchain financial electronic bills, Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center and South China Normal University took the lead in opening blockchain financial electronic bills, which is also the first batch of Guangdong Province unit. The reporter learned that this is the first time Guangdong Province has upgraded the application of blockchain technology in the financial electronic bill management system. The Guangdong Province blockchain electronic bill platform will be led by the Provincial Finance Department, and the application scope and field of the “winding” unit will be expanded in the future. In addition to the e-ticketing applet, the next step will be to open up with the Guangdong Province, to combine the blockchain financial electronic bill platform with the convenience of payment, socialization, and reimbursement. The ecological co-construction speeds up the promotion of Guangdong's financial electronic bills.