Market Analysis: The market has not stabilized, and the vigilance suddenly "empty"

The market is still dominated by shocks, and there is no clear direction to choose. The recent market seems to have entered a silent period, and the negative market has little impact on the market. In this case, the market will operate in its own way. I personally think that the medium term The adjustment has not ended. After all, the top mainstream currencies have not stood firm on the 5-week line, so the trend is difficult to be optimistic. As for the platform coins mentioned earlier, there are signs on the left. From the current point of view, there is no stabilization. Also need to wait patiently.


BTC is still in a range of volatility. At present, the 5-week line has been basically completed. Now, we can't see the trend of being able to stand back to the 5-week line. I personally think that the target does not have a sharp rebound in any aspect. It is expected that it is still oscillating near the lower shadow line. The long and short sides have not yet won the match, but they have already tested the support of $7,700 four times. If this point is lowered again, it is likely to fall below that point. Support, the individual expects the next support level is around 6800-6900 US dollars, the conclusion of the target if the station is back to the 5-week line and the 5-week line heads up is not valid.


ETH is still near the 5-week line, and the weekly-level moving average system basically presents a short position. The unstable trend of BTC also restricts the influx of the super-chassis, which is basically consistent with the previous judgment. The current volume cannot continue to support this. The target has a large rebound. At present, the target is less likely to take the independent market. The probability is to follow the market. Even if the target wants to go independent, it needs to be oscillating in this place to repair the moving average indicator. Personally, it is aimed at September 24. The counter-pumping of the Yinxian line has basically ended. Next, I will continue to look for the bottom support. I personally look at the target relatively empty. I think the target may be new low. I suggest that you pay more attention to the variety of BTC and platform coins. One has potential performance support, of course, only my personal opinion, pay attention to risk.

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