Anwar Agricultural Insurance uses blockchain technology for commercial meat duck farming insurance

On October 17, the China Economic Net issued a document entitled "Agricultural Insurance + Technology" Entering Honeymoon Index Insurance Is Expected to Be Accurate." The article points out that Anhua Agricultural Insurance uses the distributed accounting function and intelligent contract technology of blockchain in commercial meat duck farming insurance to sort out the data recorded by all parties in the production process, and calculate, compare and verify through multi-party data. In order to obtain the actual daily deaths of meat duck breeding, the data processing results are used as compensation basis, thereby solving the problem of insurance data distortion in the meat duck breeding industry. In this regard, industry insiders analyzed that the introduction of blockchain into insurance will also help solve problems such as the difficulty of identifying the number of insured in the past and the difficulty of investigation. At the same time, with the help of big data analysis, insurance companies can also gain insight into the differentiated risk protection needs of local farmers and develop more targeted insurance products.