The Block Research Director: Coin Security Q3 earned $186 million and currently has a total profit of $1 billion.

The currency has completed the ninth BNB destruction and destroyed more than 2.06 million BNBs. The block research director Larry Cermak said on Twitter that the destruction was more than the total destruction of Q1 and Q2. It can be inferred that Coin Safety achieved a profit of approximately US$186 million in the third quarter, which is the second highest quarterly profit. Earlier, Coin announced that it would destroy 20% of its business profits every quarter until 100 million BNBs were destroyed. In the past nine quarters, the currency has destroyed 14.5 million BNBs, which means it still needs to destroy 85.5 million BNBs. At present, the currency has accumulated a total of 1 billion US dollars in profits.