Monitoring shows: Cryptopia part of stolen assets flow into Compound, hackers open "financial" mode

According to data from the digital asset tracking platform CoinHolmes, recently, in the key address of the stolen assets of Cryptopia, the address starting with 0x9481bd has transferred 657 ETHs to multiple addresses, some of which were converted into DAI through the Uniswap decentralized exchange. Into the well-known DeFi lending platform Compound, and several other ETHs into a DApp project called DeFi 2.0. It is reported that in January this year, hackers attacked New Zealand's virtual currency exchange Cryptopia, stealing 30,790 ETHs. Only half of the funds have been transferred in the past six months. Up to now, there are still 20,130 ETHs that have not been transferred. PeckShield (CoinHolmes for its platform) preliminary analysis that the main purpose of the hacker transfer funds to Compound is to use the DeFi lending platform to confuse money laundering, and does not rule out the possibility of trying to "finance". In order to avoid tracking and blocking, in addition to DEX, the current well-flowing DeFi lending platform may become a new choice for hackers to launder money.