Due to support for QTUM hard fork, Firecoin will suspend QTUM for the coin business at 18 o'clock on October 17

According to the official website of the Fire Coin, in order to support the hard fork upgrade of QTUM at 23 o'clock on October 17, 2019 Beijing time, the fire currency will suspend QTUM's currency and coin transfer business at 18 o'clock on October 17. In order to effectively control the risk of leverage, the Firecoin Global Station has now suspended the new lending business of the QTUM leveraged trading pair. The QTUM assets and transactions of the users at the Firecoin Global Station during the upgrade period are normal. The Firecoin Global Station will resume the replenishment business and add new lending business after confirming the stability and security of the QTUM main network. The specific time will be announced in the announcement.