Data analysis: The market value of 8000 points on the BTC short-term station slightly declined

According to TokenGazer data analysis: BTC short-term station on 8000 points, as of 17:00 on October 17th, BTC price is $8042.53, market value is $144,712.60M; mainstream exchange 24H BTC transaction volume is about $347.91M, compared with yesterday's increase 29.03%; BTC active address number fluctuated smoothly, the transaction volume on the chain decreased slightly, the time of the block was about 9.4min, which accelerated, and the market value of BTC maintained a downward trend, currently about 66.16%; BTC 30-day ROI continued to decline In terms of futures, the positions of the Firecoin, OKEx, and BitMEX Bitcoin contracts increased. The number of long-haul people in the OKEx Bitcoin contract fluctuated between 1.22-1.38, and the long-term position was higher. On the exchange side, the BTC/USD Coinbase had a completely negative premium on the BTC/USD Bitfinex during the day, and investors should be alert to market fluctuation risks.