Zhao Changpeng: The market often makes people confused that the profit of the currency is growing but the price of BNB has fallen.

According to Cryptonews, although Changan has accumulated a profit of US$1 billion, Zhao Changpeng expressed confusion about the price of the currency-based BNB. “We believe that the value of BNB has exceeded the level of increasing value by relying on reduced supply (such as BNB destruction). A large part of the value of BNB comes from its utility, and we prioritize the utility of BNB over short-term profits. Even with all the above progress and results BNB prices have also fallen since the beginning of the quarter (old highs). The market is often confusing and sometimes confusing me.” BNB has fallen 39% in the past three months, compared to Bitcoin. It fell by 22% during the same period.