Lang Yu: MOV is an ecology, with a focus on DeFi and chain financial contracts

Compared with the original chain CEO, Lang Yu said today that in the interview with the "big coffee" interview, the next-generation center-to-center cross-chain exchange agreement MOV, which is launched by the original chain, focuses on DeFi and chain financial contracts. “Transaction is a transfer or transfer or transaction should be one. On the MOV, all transactions based on the original BUTXO model are an experience, that is, operating in the wallet, creating a transaction saying what I use for what, so After the chain, naturally there is another asset to your account, you don't need to go to any exchange to operate, or the exchange is ubiquitous.” He also pointed out that MOV is an ecology, BTM is only in the ecology. An asset and carrying method. Based on the BTM cross-chain model, there are many business parties, such as federal, side chain consensus, market makers and investors. Everyone can form a positive joint force.