ChainNode live room: the strongest mining machine mass production – Avalon A11 series, live evaluation

The dry season is approaching, the bitcoin computing power has reached 100E, the high-computing, low-power mining machine is on stage, and mining is still making money? At 8:00 pm on October 17th (Thursday), the ChainNode live broadcast will be the most powerful model recently launched by Avalon, the A1166, with a rated power of 68TH/S and an energy consumption ratio of 46J/T. Avalon sales director Chen Feng and the ChainNode live host Jun Yao, 哔哔News founder Xiao turtle to uncover this mining artifact, and talk about mining in 2019. In addition to the Avalon mining machine voucher, there is also the opportunity to receive a quasi-spot 1047 mining machine! Hurry and join, live link: