Analysis: The futures market is long and short, and market volatility may increase

BFX.NU research members said today that the long-term futures market's long-term spillover has shrunk to 2.12%, gradually returning to the normal long-short range, while the market's active trading volume has become active, and the BTC contract's 8000U upward support price has lasted 23 days. Subsequent market volatility may increase. In the mainstream currency futures sector, NEO, ATOM, ALGO and other 9 types of contracts were short-term Masukura, while ETH, EOS, TRX and other 10 contracts appeared to reduce the trend; platform currency futures sector, BNB contract increased by 69,900 short-term Warehouse, the overall short position as the main position, although the HT contract is in a short-term lightening state, but still continue the previous short-selling phenomenon.