Avalon's strongest bitcoin mining machine A11 series reveals the secret, the highest computing power can reach 73T/S

On the evening of October 17, in the live broadcast of ChainNode, Avalon sales director Chen Feng introduced the latest bitcoin mining machine A11 series of Jianan Zhizhi, which is divided into two types. The A1166 rated power is 68T/S, and the highest computing power is up to 73T/S, energy consumption ratio 46J/T. The A1146 has a rated power of 56T/S, up to 61T/S, and an energy consumption ratio of 57J/T. The former is one of the bitcoin mining machines with the highest single-computer power in the market. According to Chen Feng, the new mining machine has several major features, namely, one machine, spare parts, plug-in network to operate; support network cable assembly, only one main network cable can be connected in series with more than 12 machines; 3300 watts Adjustable power supply, can reduce frequency, 4 fans powerful heat dissipation; the main control module is embedded with multiple encryption algorithms and Kanji K210 chip, which can prevent theft of computing power and anti-virus.

Live link: https://www.yizhibo.com/l/qXEpTS7-sCD5Ph5P.html