Is it a bullish or a bullish market? Bitcoin lightning broke through $4,600!

4200, 4300, 4400…4600!

After the speculative boom in platform currency and IEO, Bitcoin was also spotted today. According to data provided by, the average price of the Bitcoin market broke through $4,600 in a short period of time, in a short period of time. The increase in more than 10% in a few minutes.


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After this violent phenomenon, the entire currency circle was quickly ignited, and the circle of friends and the WeChat groups all seemed to be fried. Did the bull market really come?

Obviously, such fluctuations and magnitudes are obviously not unusual for retail investors to flock to them, and the big financial strength behind them is extraordinary.

However, there is no good news on the market at present. One possibility is that the fierceness of platform coins and IEO has triggered a rotation effect, and large funds have begun to pay attention to mainstream currencies. According to the data provided by, the platform currency of the currency security and fire currency has doubled since the beginning of this year.

Another possibility is to force it! This caused a large number of empty orders to burst.

As of now, okex futures in a half-hour burst of a total of 180 million USDT, of which BTC bursts 120 million USDT, eos bursts 18.5 million USDT, Wright currency bursts 10.91 million USDT, Ethereum bursts 10.9 million USDT , Ripple coins burst out of 1.77 million USDT.


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