Quote analysis: the battle against the digital frontier, the Fed is also ready to play coins

Interpretation today

Recently, a senior Federal Reserve official said that the Fed is "actively researching and debating" the issuance of digital currencies because of fears that the dollar will lose its status as the world's reserve currency.

On August 23, 2019, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said at a seminar on economic policy in Wyoming, the United States, that the digital currency supported by the central bank could replace the dollar as a global safe haven.

After the Second World War, the Bretton Woods system collapsed, and the Jamaican system had many flaws. After more than half a century of development, the US dollar became an indestructible world currency. Now more and more countries are beginning to realize that the current monetary system is unfair, and the global wave of dollarization is accelerating.

Rob Kaplan, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, said in a commercial event that the US may be subject to higher interest costs if a foreign government or other entity develops a widely used alternative currency.

In fact, what Robo Kaplan is worried about is happening.

On June 18, 2019, social networking giant Facebook released Libra's white paper, which attracted extensive discussions from around the world and attracted the attention of regulators.

On August 10, 2019, Mu Changchun, deputy director of the Payment and Settlement Department of the People's Bank of China, said at the Third China Financial Forty Forum that the central bank's digital currency would be ready to use a two-tier operating system.

On October 3, 2019, at the conference entitled "Global Science and Technology War: Challenges and Layout of Taiwan", Guo Taiming, founder of Honghai Precision (subordinate Foxconn Technology Group), one of the founders of Taiwan Yushan Science and Technology Association, said that the new establishment Guo Taiming College is also planning to find domestic experts to make the Taiwanese version of Libra.

Earlier this year, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and a number of US lawmakers warned that Libra's plans would become popular and could even replace the dollar, undermining the stability of the US financial system.

Christopher Giancarlo, former chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), said in a commentary that the US government must digitize the dollar and separate power from the central bank to avoid the risk that the dollar might lose its reserve status.

Giancarlo said that if the digital currency is repeatedly avoided, the United States will weaken the attractiveness of the dollar. He said:

"Some countries' central banks or social media platforms may launch new digital currencies in the next few years. As their payment networks evolve, they may eventually weaken the dollar's position as the most popular international currency."

Market research

Overall view

The main circulation represented by BTC continued the downturn. It oscillated downward last night and went out of the Yinxian line. It is currently weakly rebounding, and BTC is hovering around 8,000 US dollars. Overall, the decline is still within a narrow range of shocks, and market sentiment is dominated by wait and see. As the halving market is approaching, although the short-term is repeated, the breakthrough is just around the corner. Regardless of the short-term trend, the bull market logic remains unchanged, and the recent sharp decline in the main circulation certificate provides investors with a more suitable price. Long-term holders can buy on dips.

In December 2018, we clearly pointed out BNB's investment opportunities in the bear market, and the first to propose that the BNB in ​​the bull market will enjoy Davis double-click (hedging: the platform pass the bear market profit key – the certificate valuation series) 2) In October 2018, we will point out the price cycle of BTC and predict the bottoming time to be around May 2019 ([Classic update reappears] three laws and applications of BTC Bulls and Bears cycle – Freezing Point Outlook A); In April 2018, when the remaining temperature of the bull market had not been exhausted, we indicated that it was a rebound rather than a bull market (whether the bull market is coming? It is the four reasons for the rebound rather than the bull market).

BTC continued the weak market, once fell below 8,000 US dollars, and has rebounded to regain the integer mark. Both the 1 hour line and the 4 hour line are stable; the daily line is in a weak range, but there is a bottoming out signal. The BTC support level is 7900USDT and the pressure level is 8300USDT.

ETH linkage BTC, ETH support 171USDT, pressure position 180USDT.

EOS remained at around $3, with support at 2.8 USDT and pressure at 3.1 USD.

risk warning

The price of digital pass is fluctuating violently. Investment digital pass is a high-risk investment behavior. Investors should reasonably assess their investment ability and risk tolerance, use leverage carefully, strictly control risks, and invest carefully. Investors are advised to keep in mind that investments are risky and require caution when entering the market.


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