John McAfee: Is narrowing the scope of Nakamoto’s identity

John McAfee has repeatedly issued a number of tweets saying that Nakamoto is not a CIA, nor is it any agency of any government. It is a collection of people, but the white paper was written by one person and he now lives in the United States. If he doesn't come forward, McAfee will continue to narrow the scope. McAfee said it has protected the identity of Nakamoto. But now is the time to expose it. The impostor claimed to be Nakamoto, and it took a lot of time and effort to find him. McAfee said that it is shrinking the scope of Nakamoto's identity every day until he reveals his identity, or McAfee exposes him. McAfee believes that not knowing the identity of Nakamoto will let the scammers try to take possession of this name. For example, Craig Wright falsely claims to be Nakamoto, and he should be fully responsible for the BSV scam, which hurts everyone.