Avalon sales director Chen Feng: the dry season is coming, the calculation power may decline in November

On the evening of the 17th, in the live broadcast of ChainNode, Avalon sales director Chen Feng said that the mining threshold is getting higher and higher, and institutional players are entering. They can buy tens of thousands or even 100,000 mining machines in one batch. Even so, small and medium-sized miners with small demand still exist, they can also find electricity and places suitable for mining, and it will be more convenient in terms of machine relocation and transfer. Chen Feng predicts that computing power and revenue are linked. Basically, the surge in computing power and the rise in currency prices have certain linkages. If the price of Bitcoin is maintained, the power of November may fall, mining will enter the dry season, and the price of electricity will be reduced. Rising, some old machines will either exit the market and offset the increase in computing power brought by the new mining machine. Subsequent to the large-volume mining machine, the number of calculations will increase, but in the end it should be linked to the rise in the price of the currency. Bitcoin is getting harder to dig, and digging is better than digging late.