Avalon's new mining machine can dig 0.001314 bitcoins per day

On the evening of the 17th, in the live broadcast of ChainNode, we ushered in the most powerful mining machine – Avalon 11 series, Avalon sales director Chen Feng introduced, of which A1166 rated power 68T / S, the highest computing power up to 73T / S, the energy consumption ratio is 46J/T. According to the calculation of the rated calculation power, the current daily income per T is 0.00001933 bitcoin, the machine can dig 0.001314 coins per day, the static return period is about 8.5 months, and another 11 series A1146 model is static back. This week is about 7 months. At present, the official website shows that the A1166 is priced at 16,252 yuan, the A1146 is priced at 9,999 yuan, and the bulk shipment time is as early as January 2020.