Analysis: 63.1% of the project "death cause" is "abandoned"

On October 17th, the Coinopsy and DeadCoins websites conducted an anatomical report on the failed cryptocurrency project. The results show that: 1. The most common item in the “death cause” is “abandoned”, that is, simply the investor no longer trades a currency to zero the transaction volume (or tends to zero), 63.1% The project ended in this form. 2. The failure of another batch of projects was due to (suspected) fraud – up to 29.9% of projects on Coinopsy fall into this category. Most of these alleged fraudulent projects appeared in 2017, most likely when the bull market went out of control. In this dataset, the number of scammers in 2017 was more than five times that of the previous year. 3. Other reasons for the death of the encryption project are ICO failure (3.6%) and obvious spoof projects (3.2%), such as AnalCoin, BagCoin and BieberCoin.