Cocos-BCX Unity SDK comes online and supports DApp one-button packaging

Recently, the Cocos-BCX test network Unity SDK was launched, which supports developers to use Unity for Cocos-BCX chain development operations. It supports developers to handle login, call contract, transfer and transaction assets, and supports DApp one-button winding.
The Cocos-BCX Unity SDK is one of the COCOS Bounty tasks and has been completed. The completed version can be found at More COCOS Bounty tasks can be found on the official Cocos-BCX page. Found and claimed on
Cocos-BCX is the next-generation game digital economy platform. It provides complete game development tools and is equipped with a better public chain ecosystem. It is committed to building a more friendly and convenient blockchain technology application solution in the game field. On June 6 this year, Cocos-BCX officially announced the opening of the test version 1.0 "Gang Rinpoqi" public beta. On June 21, Cocos-BCX officially launched the first phase of the 210 million COCOS eco-incentive plan, while opening the world to the world. The partners plan to jointly build the Cocos-BCX test network ecosystem.