Cobra Cøbra roared "Call a single V": said bitcoin must have risen mentally

Note: In the cryptocurrency community, Cøbra, known as the Cobra, has always been a controversial figure. He is a very early Bitcoin participant and one of the most popular people with Nakamoto. After Nakamoto was retired. Cøbra took over the management rights of and In addition, he is also the manager of the r/bitcoin community, and the anonymous person who holds the "heavy rights" is often astoundingly speaking. Today, he pointed his finger at "Calling a big V."

Here are the latest comments from Cøbra:

I am deeply impressed by the past bitcoin, which is almost a disease. I miss the time when I can be in one-on-one contact with Nakamoto. I miss the time of innocence. I still miss the loss of thousands of BTCs because of unreliable wallets, or those who are not tribal and open-minded.

Now, a bunch of mental patients are chasing money, they tell you how to make a fortune, tell you how bitcoin "affirmatively" grows to $200,000 each, telling you that you need to eat meat.


You must all realize that money is elusive. The more you chase it, the less chance you have to really change your life. I have found that the wealthiest people, both economically and spiritually, are those who have deep curiosity about the world.

Such people will naturally invent or discover the next "big thing" earlier than others, and eventually become rich.

Nakamoto did not decide to create bitcoin for the purpose of making a fortune. He did it because he felt anxious when he thought that it might create a truly decentralized P2P e-cash. In his own words, he could not stop it. Think about it yourself. I am not saying that money is not worth fighting for, but it is a bit superficial.

I don't actively participate in the community as before. The people are just crazy and greedy. There are too many splits. Many cryptocurrencies "celebrities" are playing fame games. No one has any chills, and they don't even have a sense of humor. What is your opinion about Cøbra’s remarks this time?