Nobel Laureate talks about Libra: skeptical about private digital currencies, the national currency also carries the same function

According to the Beijing News, on October 18, the 2nd China Bank Insurance International Summit Forum hosted by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Local Financial Supervision was held in Beijing. Eric S. Maskin, the Nobel laureate in economics, said in the forum about Facebook and the encrypted digital currency Libra (the Libra), "I personally are right. The private digital currency is skeptical. I don't think this is a good idea. If Facebook wants to do business in this area, I personally feel very disappointed that it is not beneficial to our financial system." Eric Ma Sijin believes that the central bank can provide digital currency, and the national currency also carries the same function. "If you don't use the national currency and only use bitcoin, the central bank's ability to regulate and control will be lost. This is a private currency without supervision."