Foxconn links to Ethereum, or to help Ethereum open a new chapter

Foxconn links to Ethereum, or to help Ethereum open a new chapter

It is worth mentioning that the financial chain was established in 2017, and the purpose of the launch was to introduce blockchain technology into Foxconn's supply chain service platform, but it was limited by blockchain technology after its launch. Development, there has been no news, and this link into Ethereum is its first big move.

Jack Lee, the founding managing partner of Foxconn HCM Capital, previously said: "The blockchain technology can effectively solve many problems in the current supply chain, and Foxconn can use the blockchain technology to increase the supply chain financial business. Ensure the flow of funds on the supply chain in which they are located to achieve rapid circulation and reduce inventory backlog."

Now, Foxconn President Guo Taiming, who is now announcing the 2020 Taiwan leader election, is also very positive about the blockchain technology. He said that cryptography and consensus mechanisms in the blockchain will provide technology for supply chain finance. Support, and Foxconn's development of blockchain finance will be able to break through all aspects of Foxconn in the future.

Affected by many positive news, Foxconn's mainland listed company Industrial Fulian (601138.SH) directly went up.

Of course, this news is not only good for Foxconn, but it is also a good thing for today's Ethereum. As the Ethereum, once known as the public chain 2.0, after the ICO was quiet, it gradually went down.

On the technical level, today's Ethereum is inferior to EOS, and on the TPS, even behind the wave field. In terms of daily life and volume of DApp, it is far less than the above two.

However, Ethereum still has its strong side. One of the Ethereum still has strong development strength. The second is the accumulation of Ethereum in smart contracts, and the third is its good ecology. These are all declared. Ethereum still has great potential.

Foxconn links to Ethereum, or to help Ethereum open a new chapter

"Ethernet has not found a new breakthrough since the decline of ICO, and its advantages have not been vented, so that many people think that it can't work, but its heritage is still there, and now Foxconn links Ethereum to a great extent. The role of smart contracts is obvious. The improvement of smart contracts for traditional industries is obvious. It may become a breakthrough for Ethereum in the future. It is a true empowerment of traditional industries and promotes the blockchain." Industry insiders said in an interview.

In addition to Foxconn, the new Nightfall protocol, launched by Ernst & Young, one of the Big Four, aims to help corporate customers use the Ethereum blockchain.

From this point of view, Ethereum is increasingly favored by traditional enterprises, and it is expected to open the second spring in the future. (Coin World)