Report: Platform currency is more resistant to short-term shocks, but its ecology is still more limited

TokenInsight released the "Comprehensive Research Report on Exchange Platform Currency" today. The main contents are as follows: 1. The stability, development trend and intrinsic value of the trading platform are one of the important considerations for users to choose their platform currency as an asset investment; Bringing financing, diversion, locking new users, increasing user stickiness and improving the trading system ecosystem, etc. for the trading platform; 2. In the secondary market, large households hold money, and most of the platform currency holds the top ten addresses. The sum of the ratios is more than 80%. BNB has obvious advantages in terms of the number of currency-holding addresses; most of the platform currencies except the head exchange have higher volatility; the trading volume of several exchanges such as MXC, BiKi and Bibox is obviously virtual. High, the positive relationship between the trading volume of platform currency and the total transaction volume of the exchange (unadjusted) is not obvious; 3. The average increase of platform coins in the first and second quarters of 2019 is 327% and 229% respectively, and the average increase in the third quarter -22%, showing a downward trend, which has a certain relationship with the recent industry's continued shock. Due to the support of the trading platform, the platform currency is more resistant to short-term shocks. 4. The ecological and application scenarios of most of the exchange platform currency are still relatively limited. The platform currency is mostly limited to the internal application and circulation of the exchange; the head exchange has taken the lead in establishing a broader layout and a complete ecology, and its platform currency circulation The market scope is relatively wide; the number of circulation platforms of BNB, HT and OKB are 49, 27 and 15 respectively.