Willy Woo: The Bitcoin life cycle is close to half the average life of the French dollar

According to Bitcoinist, Bitcoin is about to celebrate its 11th anniversary, and people can't help but compare it with the life cycle of the French currency. Commentators pointed out that the French currency is actually prone to crises, sometimes the face value will change, or simply disappear. A picture shared by the founder of Ikigai on Twitter shows that DollarDaze.org has studied 775 kinds of legal currency and found that there is no legally valuable currency in history. 20% of the French currency failed in hyperinflation, 21% was destroyed by war, 12% was destroyed by independence, 24% experienced a monetary change, and the remaining 23% are also moving towards these conditions. The average life cycle of legal currency is 27 years, and the shortest legal currency exists only for one month. Well-known bitcoin investor Willy Woo commented that the average life cycle of Bitcoin has reached 40% of the legal currency (27 years). The most successful French currency has depreciated by 99.5%.