Ripple executives: The lack of clarity in US encryption regulation or the influx of innovators in the field into other regions

According to AMBCrypto, Breanne Madigan, head of Ripple's global institutional marketing team, recently discussed the challenges facing the blockchain and digital asset industries and how to address policy implications. When it comes to XRP as a “bridge currency,” Madigan reiterates Ripple's vision: “Using digital assets as a bridge currency can effectively release these trapped capital and provide cross-border remittances by providing liquidity on demand. The process is faster, cheaper, and more scalable.” However, she also said that lack of clarity in regulation and guidance remains a major issue. The US government continues to strictly control the behavior of the encryption space, which may lead potential companies and innovators to areas with clearer frameworks. As the industry matures, governments and policy makers feel the urgency of strengthening regulatory transparency. The United States and other countries that support innovation can set an example for other countries.