Member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: There is currently no mature industrial application blockchain

According to Sina Finance News, "2019 China Bank Insurance Industry International Summit Forum" was held in Beijing from October 17th to 18th. Wang Guogang, a member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that the development of financial technology, first of all, that science and technology is vital to any industrial sector, not only to finance, is not doubtful. But what financial technology is developing? In particular, it corresponds to inclusive finance and can adapt to the above-mentioned technologies that are essential for those aspects of inclusive financial infrastructure. Rather than the so-called "financial technology" that we are now stopping and not understanding. Someone told me about the blockchain, I asked a word, I said that the blockchain is in so many industries, which industry is mature? Even what is the blockchain is not clear, and then decentralized, and then intermediated, let the finances quickly use, can you use it? Can't use it. Those who engage in finance do not understand science and technology, those who engage in technology do not understand finance, and those who engage in financial technology do not understand this. They will first pick it up, which is not conducive to the advancement of inclusive finance.