Huachuang Securities: Blockchain is characterized by data that cannot be tampered with and traceable. It is by far the safest network technology.

According to the Securities Times News, South Korea will launch a mobile ID service, which allows users to open accounts in banks and other places without an ID card or driver's license. The Korea Financial Clearing House announced on the 14th that it will commercialize the international standard Distributed Identity Certificate (DID) this month. Users only need to perform a real-name authentication at a financial company or public agency to obtain a mobile ID card and store the mobile ID card in a safe place on the smartphone. Huachuang Securities pointed out that the blockchain has the characteristics of data that cannot be tampered with and traceable, and is the safest network technology so far. The issuer uses blockchain technology to protect user information, so users no longer have to worry about personal privacy being compromised. The use of distributed storage technology can effectively prevent cyber attacks such as hackers.