Blockchain technology company KEY GROUP announced the completion of tens of millions of A round of financing

Blockchain technology company KEY GROUP announced the completion of tens of millions of A round of financing. The round of financing was led by HashKey Capital, and distributed capital, Fosun Group co-founder Liang Xinjun, and financial technology investment institution UVA participated in the investment.

KEY GROUP includes the world's leading blockchain Chinese content community "Currency" and blockchain autonomic identity system "MYKEY", open source agreement KEY ID Protocol, designed to use blockchain technology to create content, community, investment, A one-stop digital living platform for entertainment.

With its innovative certificate-based incentive model, completed the community cold start on the day of its launch on February 28, 2018, and completed the accumulation of over one million registered users in the next one and a half years. Typical cases of the economy are widely discussed and studied in the blockchain industry. Thanks to the nature of the products, the currency community has been highly active since its launch. In addition, the currency is continuing to expand the live broadcast, currency bar (currency community), market, topics and other functions to enrich the community dimension, and is gradually achieving the goal of "one-stop blockchain information distribution center" described in the original white paper.

MYKEY, a self-identity system for multi-chain deployment, is dedicated to providing an infrastructure for the massive landing of blockchains. From the perspective of digital asset management, MYKEY is a decentralized multi-chain wallet that allows blockchain developers to develop and operate digital asset storage, trading, wealth management, gaming and community applications in conjunction with KEY ID to create rich numbers for users. Life platform. MYKEY is characterized by the ability to freeze and recover easily when an account is lost, while not managing the underlying resources of the blockchain. In the Web3.0 era, MYKEY, as part of the trust network, returns data sovereignty to users through blockchains, fundamentally protecting user privacy and rights.

Leading investment agency HashKey Capital believes that the development of blockchain community and user scale is an important cornerstone for the development of the entire blockchain industry. KEY GROUP's currency +MYKEY one-stop digital living platform is the best portal for individual users to enter the blockchain. It provides a community platform for value discovery and value precipitation for the development of blockchain technology, and also for blockchain applications. Landing provides a rich scene, while MYKEY is very innovative and open in the exploration of the autonomic identity system to protect user privacy and data rights, helping to reduce the barriers to use in the entire blockchain industry and help the industry achieve Landed on a large scale. KEY GROUP is expected to be the leader in the personal user application platform of the blockchain economy world, and also provide a high strategic value for HashKey Group's overall blockchain layout.

KEY GROUP has received the angel round investment from SNZ Capital and UVA. This round of financing will be used for platform technology development, team recruitment, user development and overseas markets. At the same time, KEY GROUP announced the establishment of the KEY Eco Fund to support the excellent project side based on platform development and operation of blockchain applications, to promote blockchain technology to achieve large-scale landing. At present, MYKEY provides free accounts for all KYC users and assumes the cost of using new users' public link resources to help more users own and conveniently use blockchain accounts. Since MYKEY officially opened the service on August 20, new users have been added. Nearly 100,000.