Ao Ben Cong has finally got into a big trouble. Do you dare to hold BSV?

Ao Ben Cong has finally got into a big trouble. Do you dare to hold BSV?

Ao Bencong, who is known as the "Zhongben Cong" deity, has always been keen on engaging in news and occasionally making some noise. Just a few days ago, Oban was claiming to sue Hodlonaut (the founder of Lightning Torch) who often slandered him, and even offered a reward of $5,000 to get the true identity of Hodlonaut.

This move finally angered many of the big names in the circle, and also caused great trouble to himself and BSV. In response to his behavior, the entire Bitcoin community began to speak out, fully supporting Hodlonaut, and launched activities such as “boycotting Ownen Cong” and “Under BSV”.

On the evening of the 15th, the official announcement of the currency security said that “the transaction will be stopped at 18:00 on April 22, 2019 and the BSV will be removed. This means that the users of the currency security will not be able to trade the BSV, and the users holding the BSV will need to be in 2019. The withdrawal will be completed by 18:00 on July 22nd."

In this regard, BSV prices fell by 23%, while BCH rose by 6.6% against the market.

And this is not over yet, other practitioners have responded, such as Kraken is voting to decide whether to remove the BSV (the support rate of the shelves has exceeded 73%), Shapeshift decided to remove the BSV within 48 hours, Blockchain wallet will be on May 15 Terminate all support for the BSV by the Blockchain wallet before the date.

In this regard, there are many discussions in the industry. Some people think that the practice of taking down the shelves is a suspicion of emotional use, too overbearing, but some people think that this is a responsible exchange, because Australia Ben Cong’s continued language attack/legal lawsuit against the community has touched the bottom line of the industry.

In this regard, Peter is thinking about a few things:

1. What is the motivation for the withdrawal of the currency?

The currency HB is not the first time. The previous BCN, CHAT, Triggers (TRIG) and so on have been removed. The reason is nothing but the problems of team, technology and prospects. To be straightforward, they are some junk coins (Peter thinks so, so support the exchange).

However, the BSV is different. Although it is a forked coin, it can be considered as a big currency regardless of community popularity, market capitalization (about 900 million US dollars, ranking 12th), market activity, and technical background. At least it is much better than other air coins, pyramid money, and altcoin. Moreover, in the transaction volume of BSV, the currency security accounted for 16.8%.

Therefore, the removal of the BSV is not only unhelpful but also affects the number of users and the volume of transactions. It does not meet the interests of the currency security. So why is he doing this? It is important to know that a decision made by a company that is not in line with its own interests can never be determined by the CEO's brains. It should be a common decision made by the entire team within the company after careful consideration.

Some people on the Internet said that Zhao Changpeng’s move is a matter of righteousness and justice, but Peter is more willing to believe that Zhao Changpeng’s approach is more likely to take this opportunity to raise the position of the currency in the industry. Because in fact, this practice of the currency security has indeed been supported by most people (after all, Ao Ben Cong is like a jumping clown, it is really annoying)!

2. Who will supervise the exchange?

There are rivers and lakes in places where people are there. There are factions in places where there are rivers and lakes. If there are factions, there will be politics and struggle. In fact, in the digital HB industry, many problems have risen beyond the scope of technology to the “political level”, and there have been many different “beliefs” of communities and factions, such as because of mutual interests and beliefs, and even against the enemy. Abound.

However, what we have to think about is, as an exchange at the top of the industry chain, what attitude should it hold for each project? Or, how should we monitor the behavior of the exchange?

The stock market has a centralized SFC that can monitor and constrain the behavior of the exchange. So who should restrict the behavior of the exchange? For example, the rules of the shelves, the rules of the shelves, and, for example, whether the currency is determined to pre-arrange the short BSV or disclose the information to its employees before the removal, because these actions will undoubtedly lead to losses for investors (although many people are This is a good applause, but for the retail investors of BSV, they can only scream MMP)!

Perhaps this is the charm of digital HB: due to decentralization, due to full market competition, in hundreds of exchanges, all kinds of projects can be done "there is no place to stay here." Just as Bao Erye publicly supports BSV, he is allowed to continue trading on his exchange! Perhaps the behavior of the market can slowly evolve and constrain the behavior of the exchange!

3. What do our investors do?

First of all, the removal of the heavyweight exchanges such as the currency will definitely affect the liquidity and reputation of the BSV, and this is not over, because the price collapse will trigger a series of chain reactions, such as the miners in the BSV community." Running to the BCH community, its computing power is likely to fluctuate drastically, even attracting 51% of attacks (the cost of a 51% attack on the BSV is said to continue to drop, only $6,500).

Secondly, as a small dispersion, we must admit that we are far from the organization in terms of the collection and judgment of information and the overall height. Therefore, most of the time, it is more appropriate for us to follow the industry. practice.

Finally, for Aoben Cong and BSV, Peter has analyzed in BCH's "computing power wars, you are watching more lively, or reflecting on summing up more". The people who did not think so well, they joined BCH. Obviously it is "ready to come" (for the BCH community, it is undoubtedly a wolf into the room).

At the time of the BCH hard fork, Oban was bluffing to say that he had to engage in 51% of the power battle, but he finally got it. Obviously, the computational battle is nothing but his nephew. Maybe he doesn't have that capital, even if he is not willing to pay, because his sole purpose is to increase the market attention when BSV was born. (three non-Peter)