The shackles of civilization: French cryptocurrency enthusiasts call for Bitcoin donations to rebuild Notre Dame

The shackles of civilization: French cryptocurrency enthusiasts call for Bitcoin donations to rebuild Notre Dame

This incident has already affected most parts of the earth. On April 16th, Yuanmingyuan Ruins Park issued a microblogging saying: How can the Chinese people at this moment not think about it, and bear the trauma of the burning of the Yuanmingyuan for more than 100 years? It’s a shame, but it’s a pity that the Notre Dame, but the Yuanmingyuan, culture should not be destroyed like this, and it should not be trampled artificially. The destruction and disappearance of cultural relics not only took away the cultural relics themselves, but also took away the millennial civilization carried by the cultural relics. A cultural ambition brings the world's vigilance and attention to the protection of cultural relics. Civilization is fragile and tenacious. What we can do is to do our best to protect it, to delay its disappearance and to pass on its spirit. Each cultural relic is a symbol of culture, and each museum is a treasure house of human civilization. I sincerely hope that the cultural relics will be able to stay away from the disaster and pass on from generation to generation.

The fire is now under control, but buildings and works of art worth millions of euros have been damaged. The French president promised to rebuild this once brilliant building. At the same time, a group of French bitcoin enthusiasts also plan to make bitcoin donations to contribute to the reconstruction of Notre Dame.

Charity in the currency circle: the French encryption community calls for donations

The encryption charity event was initiated by Bitcoin advocate and journalist Gregory Raymond. He said on Twitter that such charitable activities can also prove to the global legislator that Bitcoin can make the best use of it while contributing to the reconstruction of cultural relics, rather than being used for money laundering and terror as regulators often say. Financing.

“Marcon announced the reconstruction of the Notre Dame. Bitcoin enthusiasts, let us prove to the French authorities that Bitcoin is not only a disadvantage. — Grégory Raymond (@gregory_raymond) April 15, 2019”

Other French encryption enthusiasts expressed their support for this appeal. A group in the French encryption community suggested replacing the wallet used for donations with a multi-signature address to ensure that the funds flowed to where the callers called it.

“The Coin Circle can support Grégory Raymond's ideas, when they will set up a multi-signature address to protect donors. — Le Cercle du Coin (@AssoCDC) April 16, 2019”

So far, Bitcoin's original address has only received 0.02760433 BTC out of 11 donations. Most of them have been transferred to the following multi-signature addresses:


The Control Wallet is Raymond, L Cercle du Coin and David Prinçay – another dedicated to French bitcoin enthusiasts.

France mourns the burning of Notre Dame de Paris. This 12th-century cathedral is a symbol of France and one of the most famous landmarks in France. According to an article in the BBC, the fire is now under control, but firefighters are still working on site. At the same time, the rescue team is trying to rescue what they can save from the artwork in the building. In terms of structural damage, the spires and roofs of the cathedral have collapsed.

The shackles of civilization: French cryptocurrency enthusiasts call for Bitcoin donations to rebuild Notre Dame

Thousands of Parisians came to the scene yesterday, and they stood quietly when the firemen put out the fire. Many people cry for the loss of this iconic building that is of great significance to the French nation.

The exact cause of the fire remains unclear. However, the Paris Prosecutor’s Office believes that the fire may be an accident and related to the renovation work.

President Mark Long praised the courage of those involved in the fight against the fire. The French Prime Minister also stated that "we will rebuild the Notre Dame together." Bitcoin supporters have clearly kept this information in mind.

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