Fire Coin China CEO: The market is more concerned about the application of blockchain than TPS

On October 19th, the first Eurasian blockchain summit co-sponsored by the Firecoin Group and Kemer Partners in Turkey is underway. At the summit, Yuan Haoming, CEO of Fire Coin, delivered a speech entitled “Block Chain Industry Overview and Prospects”, which comprehensively summarized the blockchain industry from the aspects of market, technology, application and regulations. He said that with the approach of Bitcoin halving, Bitcoin has dominated the encryption market; the market is currently paying more attention to the application of blockchain than just TPS; stable currency is shifting from trading Means of payment; and DeFi has become a new hot trend. Yuan Yuming believes that the number of users in the entire industry is growing steadily, and the speed at which mainstream institutions enter the field is gradually accelerating. Regulatory regulations in some countries have served as a model.