Coin founder: For crypto asset development, privacy is much more important than scalability

In the recent interview with Forbes, the founder of the coin, Pan Zhiyi, said that the privacy of Bitcoin must be improved, and the current privacy function makes BTC vulnerable to potential regulatory tightening. For the development of cryptographic assets, privacy is much more important than scalability.
Pan Zhirong said that in theory, the relevant departments or law enforcement agencies may begin to ask miners to block certain addresses that receive or send funds. In this case, however, it will be 51% of the BTC network. Unless a solution to this problem is found as soon as possible, the government will have the opportunity to block transactions at certain addresses. If the government or law enforcement begins to blacklist the transaction address, it will make some transactions unpackable. But if there is privacy, you don't know who the address belongs to, you can't determine the amount, and you can't control the Bitcoin system. So for me, if the privacy issue can be solved, Bitcoin is basically no problem.