Telegram sent a letter to investors indicating that the hearing extension is a "positive step"

According to Cointelegraph, on October 19th, in a letter to investors, Telegram encouraged investors to consider the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) postponement hearing as a "positive step." The letter insists that the company will not issue Gram tokens until then. Telegram believes that this progress is a positive step towards the rapid resolution of this issue through the court system, and we and our consultants will use this time to ensure that Telegram's position is met at the hearing in February next year. May be strongly expressed and supported. Telegram's argument is that the Gram token does not qualify for securities and therefore does not fall within the SEC's terms of reference. Telegram expects the hearing in February next year to be more satisfactorily resolved than the hearing scheduled for October 24. According to previous reports, the US District Court for the Southern District of New York postponed the US SEC's hearing on Telegram's TON project and its Gram token injunction until February 18-19, 2020.