Li Lin: Libra reconstructs infrastructure that affects global finance

On October 19th, Li Lin, the founder of the Firecoin Group, interviewed the current development of the blockchain for the first time in an exclusive interview with the 6th World Internet Conference, and what impact Libra had on finance and the economy. For the first time, Libra, Li Lin believes that, first, Libra actually reconstructs the infrastructure that affects global finance, including currency and payment systems, banking systems, and securities systems. Second, it may change the financial landscape of the world. In the future, you may find that Libra is used in third world countries, while Libra is dominated by the dollar. Third, Libra will have a big impact on traditional financial companies, including banks, and may even bring in new financial companies. There may be many technology companies that provide financial services based on Libra, such as point-to-point orders, investments, etc. .