The funds can be stolen and can be withdrawn, the private key can be recovered, and the GateChain test network is officially released.

On October 17, 2019, the launch of the GateChain test network was held in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The theme of the conference was "GateChain Security, Keeping the Future". Virgilio Lizardo, Vice President of International, CMO Marie Tatibouet, CPO, and Tina Yuan, Vice President of Asia Pacific attended the conference and delivered a speech.

On April 1, 2019, the GateChain white paper was officially released. After more than six months, the GateChain test network was officially released, and the block link map plan was successfully completed. According to the roadmap, the GateChain main network will be officially released in the fourth quarter of 2019, and the de-centered exchange based on GateChain will also be on the line and take a new step.

Virgilio Lizardo, vice president of International, first talked about why he chose to hold the conference in Vietnam. He said that Vietnam has become one of the most active overseas markets of and has already received a large number of active users. Since embarking on the exchange's trend in 2017, has been deployed in several countries around the world to expand the local exchange user community.


Virgilio also said in the speech that the popularity of blockchain technology and the application of more commercial scenarios have prompted more and more exchanges to focus on the building and construction of blockchain ecology and the importance of asset security in the chain. .

Tina Yuan, vice president of Asia Pacific at, said that relied on six years of technology accumulation and industry experience to develop a new generation of public chain GateChain that focuses on user asset security and decentralized transactions. Complete the construction of the GateChain test network and local wallet. CMO Marie, Vice President of International Business, Virgilio, delivered a keynote speech titled "GateChain Testing Online Line, Defending Your Assets on the Chain", which brings solutions to the security issues that people with digital assets are most concerned about. The practical application of recovering stolen funds and recovering private keys can be recovered .


The conference will focus on the insurance account and general account of the GateChain wallet. The insurance account can be set to retrieve the account and the retractable time.'s original RTM Revocable Transaction Model, insurance account alert notification, multi-sign wallet and other features support, bringing multiple security experiences to users with digital assets.

GateChain specializes in user asset security and decentralized transactions. It has an online hot insurance account, and the clearing guarantee system creatively solves the core fundamental problems of the user's digital assets being stolen, private key damage, decentralized transactions, and cross-chain transfer. CPO Wines. Since its inception in 2013, has been upgrading its products, technologies, services and other aspects in the industry for 6 years, as well as the ecological layout of existing products, including Cryptorank reported that IEO has the highest return on investment in the world. Startup, support for a variety of gameplay and wealth management for different currencies, including money management, fixed investment, leveraged wealth management and legal currency management products, the first live broadcast room and chat room, safe and easy to use full-currency wallet wallet .io, and the GT Security Rule of Law Fund provide tracking and legal assistance for platform users' financial losses, and serve as a charitable reserve to relieve vulnerable groups.'s existing products and services are widely recognized by users and showcase the R&D and innovation capabilities of products and technologies in the head exchange, aiming to provide better service and support for industry users.


In addition, Vietnam Community Manager TA HONG KIEU MI, Tokenmania founder Lou Yiyue, angel investor CiCi Wu, Bee Chasing CEO Xiao Baixu, Block crafters Director of Marketing Park Michael, Bigcoin vietnam CMO/CIO Nguyen Thi Hoa, VIC Group COO Participants in the blockchain industry, such as Nguyen Nhat Quang, participated in the roundtable discussion on the asset security of the wallet and the survival rules of the bear market, and sparked heated discussions and attention from the audience at the live and the live.

At the same time, also used the built-in live broadcast function of the APP to broadcast a live video of the conference, which was broadcast live by CPO.