The new version of DAPPX and MYKEY member day activities, 3 hours of blind boxes on the line have been sold out

According to the official news of the big pip shrimp, the new DAPPX and MYKEY jointly launched the blind box event membership day. During the event, the first time in the new version of DAPPX use KEY to buy any blind box, you can enjoy 15% off the first day of the day and cash back 2000KEY. As of 15:00 on October 20th, the blind box purchase store opened only for three hours, full of bags, instant noodles on the top of the cat, Wuhuang Bazaar, Luo Xiaohe series and tearing bear blind box series sold Hey, Big Phi Phi Shrimp will launch more different types of blind boxes for players to buy in the future.
The new version of DAPPX (Big Phi Phi Shrimp) is a blockchain application recommendation platform and an app that supports the purchase of blind boxes for digital currency. Users can share and recommend their favorite blockchain applications and information on the platform, and support centralization and decentralization to use digital currency for blind box purchase payment. New link: