Chairman of China Business Logistics Banking Alliance: Building a synergy platform for banks and enterprises, and deepening the application of artificial intelligence and blockchain

On October 19, the 4th China Logistics and Supply Chain Finance Summit and the 3rd China Business Logistics Bank Alliance Summit were held in Zhengzhou. Wang Tianyu, Chairman of the China Business Logistics Banking Alliance, said: "We have a bank, an e-commerce platform, and a leader in the industry. We have gathered leading companies in financial and trade, and we will jointly build a synergy platform for banks and enterprises in the future to provide financial services technology for the alliance platform free of charge. In-depth development of artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, Internet of Things and other applications, accelerate the empowerment of financial technology, innovate business models and formats, leverage the complementary advantages of alliance members, and accelerate the flow of information, business, logistics, capital flow Confluence, integration and development, mutual benefit and win-win."