Li Lin: Blockchain and so on will become the new accelerator of the digital economy

During the 6th World Internet Conference, Li Lin, chairman, founder and CEO of the Firecoin Group, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua. In the era of digital economy, Chinese companies should continue to seize the pulse of the Internet, the next 5G, the Internet of Things, AI and blockchain will become new accelerators, and continue to incite new developments in the digital economy, which will definitely bring about new changes in the market structure. The use of blockchain for cross-institutional and cross-border settlement and clearing is a very successful and efficient application, which can significantly reduce costs, significantly improve efficiency, accelerate the economic development of countries along the “Belt and Road”, and bring fair benefits to all parties. Let the participating parties mutually benefit and share a win-win situation. On the other hand, through technological innovation and output, the blockchain can quickly help less developed countries to complete the deployment of financial facilities and establish an increasingly close and perfect network socio-economic community. Today's blockchain financial solutions can quickly deploy transparent, non-tamperable, supervisable and efficient multi-participation systems. For less developed countries, it can solve the problem of lack of infrastructure and achieve overtaking.