Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, He Hezhen: Using a blockchain and other technologies to provide a trust mechanism

According to the Beijing News, on October 20, at the 6th World Internet Conference, the Chinese Academy of Engineering academician He Hezhen proposed that the application of information technology in financial assets first provides a trust mechanism. Traditional technology can't solve the trust problem of financial transactions very well. Therefore, many transactions need to be carried out in an organized on-market market. The use of blockchain and other technologies makes electronic data no longer easy to delete, easy to change, easy to copy, and protects the original data. Trustworthy, value exchange on the Internet no longer needs to rely on financial private networks. On the basis of the establishment of the trust mechanism, information technology can further play the role of activating digital assets and ensuring the security of assets, and innovating financial formats, such as regulatory technology, big data credit, smart investment, digital currency and so on.