Matrixport: The asset on the blockchain determines the ceiling of the industry, and STO has more space.

On October 20th, at the opening of the Global Digital Asset Quantification Competition held by TokenInsight, Ge Yue, co-founder of Bitland and CEO of Matrixport, believes that the chain assets of the blockchain determine the ceiling of the entire industry, ICO and IEO. The essence of the problem is that the assets are not good, and there is no real thing that makes everyone feel valuable. He believes that the utility token is a particularly niche market, unable to create a lot of high-quality assets, and a broader space in securities. Security Token (STO), such as the recent NBA players to tokenize their team contract, this is an area that is easy to create valuable assets. Ge Yuezhen also said that the current problem of STO core is compliance, and no obvious progress has been seen, but this is the part that the primary market can expect.