The central bank warned of the risk of speculating shoes: beware of illegal fundraising financial fraud

According to the daily economic news, on October 18, the reporter learned from informed sources that the Shanghai branch of the People's Bank of China recently released a financial briefing (hereinafter referred to as the briefing) on ​​"Warning the "Foot-Spread" against the financial risks. The briefing pointed out that the illegal economic fundraising, illegal public deposits, financial fraud, illegal pyramid schemes and other related economic and financial violations may be vigilant. According to previous reports, a digital currency exchange called "55 Exchange" launched the Tide Pass ATO project: the project will pass the Yiezy, Air Jordan and other tide shoes, that is, the token of a certain shoe (Token) ), after the investor subscribes for a certain amount of tokens, he can either redeem the shoes or trade the tokens on the 55 exchanges. However, the exchange also issued a risk warning that there is a risk of “cannot withdraw”. Liu Panpan, director of the Legal Affairs Department of the Securities and Investment Fund of Jingshi Law Firm, told reporters that “tidal shoes” itself as a market phenomenon, as the underlying asset level, is different from the general equity, debt and income rights securitization or TOKEN, facing itself More uncertain market volatility, whether the pass-through shoes can be confirmed by the registered exchanges, is still unknown.