Liu Weiguang, Vice President of Alibaba: The single blockchain project driven by the science and technology department of the commercial bank is only a partial transformation.

According to China Net Finance News, on October 18, the Commercial Bank Digital Transformation and Development Seminar and the "China Commercial Bank Digital Transformation Research Report" conference was held in Beijing. Liu Weiguang, vice president of Alibaba, president of Alibaba Cloud Intelligent New Financial Business Department and general manager of Ant Financial Services, said that the digital transformation is not driven by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Bank, but by the transformation of management thinking and the transformation of “people”. . At present, the single cloud computing, big data, and blockchain projects driven by the commercial bank's science and technology department are only partial transformations, and have not transformed traditional thinking into digital thinking. The true digital transformation is essentially a comprehensive change in organization, culture, process, management, etc., rather than a single department, single project driven. On a global scale, banks have always been a highly technology-driven industry. In the future, all business lines of the bank will be highly integrated with technology, and the capabilities of science and technology will be ubiquitously distributed in various departments of the bank.