NBA player Ding Weidi will meet again with the league, hoping to convert part of the salary into bitcoin

According to "New York Times" reporter Marc Stein, Nets guard Spencer Dinwidy confirmed to the New York Times that he will meet with the NBA again on Monday night local time. Ding Weidi is still seeking alliances, and he hopes the league will allow him to convert at least a portion of his contract into a virtual currency transaction. So far, the alliance has called Ding Weidi's plan in violation of the Union's collective bargaining agreement. According to previous reports, Ding Weidi hopes to convert at least a portion of his three-year, $34 million contract, which began this season, into a virtual currency transaction, thereby obtaining an advance payment for himself in the bitcoin market. Later, if Bitcoin appreciates later, he can sell for profit, and his plan is banned by the league.