Operation Guide: How to buy and sell Dai on OTC on imToken


Editor's Note: The original title is "How to buy and sell Dai on OTC on imToken"

Now, you can change Dai in the imToken currency!

Open the imToken 2.0 mobile wallet and find the "OTCMaker" app in [Browse] to easily and securely redeem Dai and ¥.

What is Dai

Dai is MakerDAO's first decentralized stable currency based on Ethereum, issued by a digital asset in full collateral, with a price of 1:1 anchored to the US dollar, 1 Dai = $1.

Everyone can create Dai through MakerDAO's “Pledge by Dai” app to open a mortgage account, or redeem Dai directly on the trading platform.

If you already have Dai, you can also save Dai in a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) application such as Compound, and save the Dai interest rate (annualized ~8%).

What is OTCMaker?

OTCMaker (dai.otcmaker.com) is a digital asset OTC platform that serves as the official partner of MakerDAO, providing simple and secure exchange of Dai and French currency. ?

how to use

Buy Dai

1. Open the imToken 2.0 mobile wallet and find the "OTCMaker" app in [Browse]. ?

2. Click to enter [OTCMaker], register and log in.

3. After logging in, perform mobile phone number and email authentication in "I" .

4. Click [Purchase] on the "Transaction" interface, select the merchant to enter the purchase interface, enter the amount you want to purchase and confirm. After confirmation, the seller's Dai will be handed over to the system for hosting.

5. Make a payment based on the payment method listed by the seller.

After the payment [marked payment completed], wait for the seller to release Dai.

6. The transaction is completed, giving both parties a good review!

Congratulations, you can now view the purchased Dai in "Assets" and you can withdraw it to other wallets or trading platforms.

Sell ​​Dai

Similarly, you can also send Dai to your OTCMaker account and select a merchant to sell.

Become an OTC merchant

In addition, you can also [post advertising], sell/purchase pending orders, and become the OTC merchant of Dai. ?

(Also access the desktop version: dai.otcmaker.com)

recent activities

In order to encourage the use of Dai in the Chinese community, OTCMaker has recently been free of fees, market makers and price concessions.