"Wuzhen Outlook 2019" officially released, digital currency impact on the traditional financial system and financial order

According to the official website of the World Internet Conference, on October 20th, "Wuzhen Outlook 2019" was released. The report pointed out that with the popularization of blockchain technology, the rise of digital currency has impacted the traditional financial system and financial order. The international community should adhere to the concept of openness and tolerance, deepen cooperation, complement each other's strengths, build synergy mechanisms, enhance regulatory capabilities, create a fair and equitable market environment, and allow more groups to share Internet innovation and service outcomes. In addition, the report shows that new technologies such as 5G, big data, intelligent hardware, and blockchain bring new security threats, and security threats such as cyberattacks on key information infrastructures, production and application of smart kill weapons, touch the nerves of all countries. Faced with the increasingly severe network security situation, countries have upgraded their network security to the strategic level of national security and actively strengthened the construction of comprehensive network security protection capabilities.