Guohai Securities: The second batch of blockchain filing list is released, optimistic about blockchain commercial

Guohai Securities published a research report that on October 18, the National Network Office issued the second batch of blockchain information service filing list. A total of 309 domestic blockchain information service names and filing numbers were issued. ICBC, China UnionPay, Huawei, Alibaba Cloud, State Grid E-commerce, Hang Seng Electronics, Yuanguang Software, and Aerospace Information were all selected. From the perspective of filing, the financial industry is the most widely used blockchain industry, and the voucher, bill and financial service platform are the most widely used fields. The bank previously proposed that 2019 is the first year of blockchain commercial applications. The bank believes that, first of all, the blockchain technology has been continuously improved, and the problems of traditional small scale and low efficiency have been partially solved. The blockchain matures in terms of performance, ease of use and operability, and can support large-scale commercial applications. Secondly, the blockchain legal regulations and supervision system are gradually improved. The blockchain filing is conducive to the overall development of the blockchain industry. It is the first step of the standardization of blockchain technology. More and more enterprises can be formalized. Do the application. The bank is optimistic about the blockchain's first application in supply chain finance, copyright protection, legal deposit, energy trading, etc., and is optimistic about the blockchain platform technology service providers with independent controllable.