Sun Haoshu, Chairman and CEO of Inspur Group: Industrial Internet platform needs the support capability of digital technology platforms such as blockchain and 5G

According to Sina Technology News, on the morning of October 21, at the 6th World Internet Conference "Industrial Internet Forum", Sun Chaoshu, Chairman and CEO of Inspur Group, said in his speech that there are three "nets" in China, namely, the Internet. Government Internet and Industrial Internet. And everyone recognized the second half of the "battle" and the next opportunity is in the Industrial Internet. He believes that the industrial Internet platform has three major capabilities. The first is the support capability of the digital technology platform, including cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, 5G, etc. Secondly, the enterprise information support capability; third, the advanced manufacturing model experience, such as customized production, JDM (Joint design and manufacturing) industrial model.